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Comparison Writing Topics: Valuable Ideas

Comparative analysis writing is a frequent assignment as it perfectly shows how you understand two subjects or phenomena. Also, it makes it possible for your professor to check your ability to critical analysis. However, to complete a good paper, select the best from comparison writing topics!


The Specifics of Comparison Writing Topics

Surely, the topics you are writing on should be appropriate to the academic writing type you need.

A. Structural Point

Actually, in comparison writing you should deal with at least two subjects, issues, phenomena. Therefore, your topic should cover those comparison subjects. It can have two components, such as “Comparison of educational systems of Canada and USA” or cover the larger number without an exact specification of the subjects: “Comparison of educational systems” (it is clear that it will be more than one country).

B. Content Point

It is important to remember, that you should deal only with the subjects, which can be compared. To be compared, two subjects should have enough different things and enough things in common. It won`t be logical to compare a cat and a table, since those comparative subjects are from completely different classes.


Ideas to Write a Comparative Essay On

Here is the list of comparison writing topics you can select your one from. They were structured according to the subjects for the easier search.


  • Childhood and Adulthood: Change in Personality
  • Ego and Superego
  • Dreams and Reality
  • Loneliness and Being Social Active: Influence to Person`s Psychology
  • People, Who Have Hobby and People without Hobbies

Business Studies

  • Apple and Samsung
  • Coca-Cola and Pepsi
  • Material and Non-Material Production

-  Sociology

  • Society with Racial Issues and Society without Them
  • Rich and Poor People
  • Life Conditions in Europe and Africa
  • Fighting against Drugs in Different Countries
  • Overpopulation and Underpopulation
  • Teenage Boys and Girls Behavior

-  Ecology

  • Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy
  • The Modern World VS the World of Future
  • Today`s Flora and Fauna VS Flora and Fauna of the Past

-  Economics

  • Economic System of Different Countries
  • Working on Someone and on Your Own Business
  • The Sources of Economical Income in Different Countries

- Political Science

  • Comparison of Means to Influence the Electorate
  • System of Elections in Different Countries
  • Democracy and Authoritarianism
  • Modern Democracy and Democracy of the Ancient World
  • George Bush and Barack Obama
  • Monarchy and Presidency
  • Capitalism and Communism

- Sports

  • Soccer and Football
  • Tennis and Table Tennis
  • Athletics and Weight Lifting
  • Training at Home and at Gym

- Philosophy

  • View on Life of Representatives of Different Theories
  • Materialism and Idealism
  • Ancient and Modern Philosophy
  • Religiousness and Atheism

- Linguistics

  • American and British English
  • English and Chinese
  • Latin and Cyrillic Symbols
  • Sentence Structure in Different Countries

- Geography

  • Geographical Conditions in Different Countries
  • Rational and Non-Rational Usage of Natural Resources
  • Countries Having an Access to Sea/Ocean and Those, Which Don`t

Other Subjects

We understand that there are much more subjects you may need comparison writing topics on. Therefore, if you need help - simply contact us with your request, and we will find an expert to assist you regarding your particular assignment.

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