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How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Basic Hints

Description is actually giving a full picture of a subject with the help of words. Therefore, if you want to learn how to write a descriptive essay you should find out how to express features in words. We are here to give you some tips on this.


What Kind of Features Should Be Mentioned?

As you already know, there 5 human senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling. Thus, if you are working on the detailed description of a subject, you should better include as many features as it is possible. Remember, that not all subjects can be reviewed from all these points.

           1. Visual Sense

All subjects of a material world can have visual characteristics. The subject can be large or small; it has a certain color, shape etc. As the most of information is taken through this sense, you should better pay the most attention to including of visual features.

           2. Audial Sense

Talking about audial sense is possible only if your subject is somehow dynamic, so it produces sound. Surely, there can be an absence of sound as a characteristic. Sound can be pleasant, annoying, weird, scary etc.

           3. Taste

This aspect is suitable for eatable subjects. Indeed, you cannot tell about the taste of a table, because it will sound more than weirdly. However, it is possible that you like the taste of apples or home-made bakery.

           4. Touch

Although most of subjects of material world can be touched, it is not necessary to apply to the touch sense talking about them. We can mention the touch only if this characteristic is showing. So, if the subject is nice to touch or it unpleasant for some reason – write about it. If the touch is normal, just disregard this aspect. For example, you can say that a kitten is soft and relaxing to touch and a cactus hurts.

           5. Smell

As far as smell is concerned, here we see the same situation as for touch. The certain subject can have a good or bad smell or do not have it at all. If you have something to say – do this, if no – do not write nonsense.


Structuring of a Descriptive Essay

As any other well-written essay a descriptive one should be properly structured. It needs to have the common parts such as introduction, body and conclusion. The body part should be divided into a few paragraphs (3 at least). If you have no idea on how to structure your descriptive essay, you can simply write a paragraph for each sense mentioned above. However, feel free to find your own principle of structuring of your essay to make it extra-ordinary.


Mind Your Style

While writing a descriptive essay you should pay attention to the style of the paper required. There can be a formal description needed with all the minor details included. Also, you may be required to write an informal paper with metaphoric descriptions to make your text sound better and nicer. There should not be metaphors in official/scientific description as well as the keen detailed features won’t make your informal essay better.


How Can We Help You with Writing a Descriptive Essay?

In case you do not understand how to write a descriptive essay, we can help you out. This won’t be a problem as you can upload the file with pictures required for description and/or communicate with your writer to provide him with all the needed features.       

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