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How to Write an Essay in MLA Format: Tips for Dummies

Formatting is an important aspect of academic paper writing as it contributes to its being clear and plagiarism free. There are a few paper formats, which are the most commonly used, and MLA citation style belongs to them. Check how to write an essay in MLA format to avoid mistakes!


What Is MLA for?

MLA is an abbreviation for Modern Language Association. This formatting style is commonly applied to papers on Humanities.


Writing Paper in MLA Format: Which Points the Requirements Deal with?

Formatting requirements are to regulate your paper view (the absence/presence of title page, header, footnotes) and the format of your in-text referencing with reference page. Therefore, all the major demands will be about how your paper should look like and how to cite different types of sources. HOWEVER, always remember, that your professor`s requirements are the main. Therefore, carefully check your particular assignment instructions, as there may be some modifications.


General Demands to Paper Written in MLA Style

Here are the basic things you should know to complete your paper according to MLA guideline requirements.

  • Title Page

There should NOT be any title page unless it is required specifically by your professor. To substitute the title page and still indicate your paper details, you should enter the required information in upper-left corner of your first page. You should specify the following details in the following order: your name, your professor`s name, the class and the date.

  • Paper`s Standard and Spacing

The standards for your paper should be the following: 8.5 X 11 inch paper with 12pt. font size in Times New Roman NOT in italics or in bold. The first line of each paragraph should start from tabulation on half-inch from the beginning of the line. The text should be double spaced. Also, there should be a space after every punctuation mark.

  • A Header

A header is required for all pages or for all pages except the first one. Your header needs to be placed on the upper-right corner of the page and include your last name + space + the page number in Arabic numerals.

  • In-Text Citations

If you have used the certain information from some source in your text, this needs to be specified. You should indicate the author`s last name and the page the information has been taken from in brackets at the end of the sentence. It is also possible to use the method of a signal phrase, saying that “Jones claims, that…”, but in this case the page number should still be in brackets. The full reference information is to appear in Work Cited page. If there are writers, whose last names are the same, you should add the first initial before the last name to differentiate between them. If you use the web source, the page numbers can be absent.

  • Work Cited Page

This is commonly one or two pages, but there are quite a lot of demands to how it should be formatted. Here we give you the basic rules, but you should check the requirements for your specific sources in MLA format guideline. Your Works Cited page should start from the new page and have words “Works Cited” in the middle and top of your page. It is necessary to indicate all the information – title, author, place and year or edition, number of pages or certain parts. URLs are not required unless your professor needs them to be included.


Assistance with the Particular Sources Citing

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