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What Astrology Actually Is: Argumentative Essay


Astrology is an ancient belief about sun, moon, stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies by mystical manner influencing all terrestrial and anthropic processes. Knowing their location at the concrete time, astrologers successfully predict future (as, in March, the sun causes plants growth and moon rules the tides). Astrology adepts also affirm that planets’ configuration at the moment of person’s birth may program his character and some events of life.

Intrinsically, the subject is nothing but the disorderly pile of outdated concepts of the world order, lightly complemented by some modern “prophets”. Astrologers extremely love ancient pieces of knowledge, professionally thinking that current science is much worse and regardless. So that, they prefer to get new information not by an experimental selection, but by researching the ancient literature.

Moreover, the more ancient source used, the more authoritative it considered to be in astrologers’ conversations. This belief became popular during the Middle Ages and is still a good theme for many peaceful and not really discussions.

Ancient Manuscript

The Way It Works by The Version of Astrologers

There are plenty of theories:

  • Celestial bodies due to mystical scientifically undiscovered “fields” physically affect natural objects;
  • Gods created sky so that represent terrestrial life. That is why moving up there define human behavior;
  • Each planet emanates waves of a certain frequency, and our brain reacts and adjusts them, just like radio;
  • Astrology studies develop extrasensory abilities. Horoscopes are used by astrologers as a facility for consciousness to switch in an extrasensory perception mode;
  • Our actions are controlled by gods and the planets are only cosmic “clock”, measuring time just like clock hands or calendar.

There is also a version saying astrology works because of Barnum effect (a human psychics feature that lies in the next: if to show a generalized and vague description of the person to a usual citizen and tell them it was made with nanotechnologies use by British scientists especially for them, they will recognize themselves in it) and many other psychological effects (Rosenthal effect, Texas sharpshooter fallacy, Dr. Fox effect etc.).

Astrology VS Science

Geocentric and Heliocentric models

While scientists are sitting in Weights and Measures department, big colliders and laboratories, astrologers rapidly proclaimed themselves as scientists and carefully run tentacles into gullible heads. Herewith, they stubbornly do not want to pay attention to the existing of the scientific method as the cornerstone of any science.

Astrological knowledge has nothing to do with it. Such knowledge consists of different variants – astrological styles, which doctrines contradict each other with ease and naturalness. Despite this, everything works fine. Some of the “scientists” still use geocentric model disproved in the 17th century and non-existent trans-Neptunian planets. For centuries of developing and improving their knowledge, astrologers never have time to systematize it somehow and get rid of contradictions.

Some individuals even find a time to commit astrological experiments. Unfortunately, such experiments are as far from science as Sunday school is far from Oxford University.

Astrology is quite popular in India. So popular that Indian astrologers are known as the most robust. Vedic astrology is taught at Indian universities. This fact causes a little embarrassment for Indian scientists in the face of the whole scientific community. So it goes.

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