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Becoming a Better Person: How Does One Do It?

Kind Child

The majority of people think that a good person is the one, who does not do evil things intentionally. If someone does some harm, he/she will always be ready to correct their mistakes.

Positive Features

If you have decided to change your life and become a better person, you should start with defining those features of character which a good person must have.

Here are some of them:

  • - Kindness

    Most importantly, you should be kind not only to your friends but also to your enemies.

  • - Compassion

    Those people whose heart does not wring with pity by looking at a sick child or a homeless dog are considered awful and heartless.

  • - The Ability to Put Someone Else's Interests Higher Than Your Own

    Naturally, it should have its limits. It is irrational to act as a victim, but selfishness will sooner or later turn out to you in a bad way.

  • - Being in When It Comes to Charity

    It does not mean that you should give money to all the beggars on the street. They are mostly professionals and earn a lot of money by begging. It is better to visit shelters for homeless animals or to give money to reliable organizations.

  • - Honor

    It is an ability to keep your word. It is when you are true to your principles despite any circumstances.

    Yes, the way from a bad person to a good person is rather time-consuming. You cannot overcome this distance by a sudden leap. It is better to move with small steps, which will get you closer to your goal than to take sprinter's speed and fall on the halfway.

10 Steps on the Way to Becoming a Good Person

The first seven are what you should strive to. The other ones are those you should get rid of.

  1. Do small good things every day. For example, bring a homeless cat to a shelter, help your sick neighbor to carry his bag home, help another person to pick up the things which had scattered all over the floor or give a piece of advice to your college on how to solve the task in a better way. This list is endless.
  2. Begin to cooperate with charity fund. Nowadays they can be found easily.
  3. Rejoice at someone's success. Do not pretend but be sincere.
  4. Learn how to listen and sympathize. The person sometimes can be relieved just by unburden his feelings. However, you should be attentive and keep yourself away from those for whom complaining is the way of living.
    Two People Talking
  5. Get rid of racial, gender and other prejudices. People are equal and deserve happiness regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation, language, social status, profession and so on.
  6. Be tolerant towards the other people's deficiencies. There is a rather unpleasant category of people who are the first ones to judge and to throw a stone on somebody who has tripped up for the first time. Those are insincere moral authorities. Keep in mind that no one is perfect. Some people deserve a second chance.
  7. Love. It is not only about your beloved ones. Love your family, friends, occupation, country, language and so on. People who do not have such feeling will never be good persons.

Bad Feelings

  1. Irritability. If you can solve or eliminate the factor of your anger, just do it. If you cannot, then move on the safe distance from it.
  2. Envy. Forget how to envy someone's success. It is an awful feeling, which leads to destruction.
  3. Cruelty. No one will regard you as a good person if you offend weak and defenseless people.
Angry Guy

Of course, there are more negative features, which keep you away from becoming a good person. These are hypocrisy, selfishness, betrayal, and others. Nevertheless, start with small steps and you will see the improvements soon!

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