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An Advice on How to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

Plagiarism can cause a lot of troubles if detected in your academic paper by professor. When talking about an intentional plagiarism, the answer is obvious: just do not copy and paste information. However, sometimes students plagiarize unintentionally due to not knowing how to avoid plagiarism in writing.


Causes of Plagiarism and Ways to Cope with the Issue

To learn, how to avoid plagiarism in essay writing, you should know all the causes of it first.

           1. Copying and Pasting

This is the most frequent cause of plagiarism in essays. Students search for some sources online and just copy and paste the relevant (or even not really relevant) information into their paper hoping that it won`t be ran thought the plagiarism checker. Obviously, if professor has some doubts, he/she checks the paper with any online checker and the plagiarism results are coming up with the source you copied from. Some students act smarter and copy from the offline sources (such as papers submitted by students before). This kind of plagiarism is easily detected by Turnitin system widely used in Universities. Therefore, you should never copy and paste any text without citing the part. Remember, that plagiarism is unethical thing and can spoil your academic reputation significantly.

           2. No Citation (Improper Citation)

In some cases plagiarism appears unintentionally. It is obvious that to complete a well-done essay having reliable information, we use some sources. However, all the borrowed parts of text need to be properly cited. There are two types of citation: the direct and indirect citation. Indirect citation is when you just mention some ideas of other people within your text. Direct quotation is taking certain parts of text as they are and putting them into your essay. There are a few citation styles, so you should cite the sources according to specific requirements of the requested citation style. Paper formatting is a difficult aspect, as every type of sources needs to be indicated in a certain way. There are a lot of details you should be aware of.


Does Usage of Internet Always Result in a Plagiarized Paper?

Well, it depends on the way you use the Internet possibilities. Actually, if you just copy and paste free samples online, this won`t be good. However, there are some options for you to benefit from without any issues.

           1. Getting the Information/ Checking Samples

If you just check the free samples to find out how the paper should be written, and do not copy and paste, this won`t be considered as plagiarism. However, please remember, that not all texts online are reliable and written at the high quality.

           2. Using Online Sources

A lot of scientific articles or books are available online. Using the softcopies is like using the offline editions, so just make sure you cite the source properly.

           3. Custom Writing Services

There are good custom writing services that offer plagiarism free papers. For example, Essayforme.Org is always glad to assist its customers. There should not be any worries about plagiarism, because each specific assignment is started right after the payment. A professional writer is to meet all the assignment instructions precisely. He won`t copy and paste according to our company`s policy. Also, due to his long custom writing experience, the writer knows well how to format paper properly. If you do not know how to avoid plagiarism in writing, you can also place your order to get the draft checked for plagiarism and corrected for you.

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