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A Car for a Student: All Pros and Cons

Student with Car Keys

Does the student need a car? What the benefits are in the purchasing of a personal transport, and what onus does it put on a person? We decided to sort this out, and it will be, as always, useful recommendations for you! We will try to evaluate objectively all the pros and cons of the car for the student.

Do You Need a Car?

So, for beginning, let us consider if a car is necessary for a student. Someone will say yes at once, it is necessary, someone will say no, it is not needed at all.

Here, opinions will be divided approximately in half because each of you, dear readers, has your own living conditions. Someone lives in a big city and someone in a small town or village, far from campus.

Accordingly, each of you will have an individual need for a car, and, therefore, your own answer to the question: Is a car necessary for a student?

Big Boss in a Big Car

Probably, one of the most weighty arguments in favor of buying a car is that the automobile is an indicator of your status among your social environment. How do people usually imagine a student?

A student is a person with notebooks and textbooks that goes to lectures or classes by bus or subway. And then you, on your own car, come to campus ... Of course, all eyes will be fastened on your person!

And, if you are now looking for a girlfriend, then the status of the "driver" will definitely help you in it. Female students go crazy because of guys who have their own car. Of course, if it is not a rattletrap.

The car should match your status, so if you want to impress people, do not buy any old thing, but at least a good used car of the XXI century. However, everyone has his/her own tastes. We cannot advise you anything concrete. Just remember that the car is your reflection. If it is not well-groomed and dirty, then people will think of you just as well. Therefore, think what you are buying.

No Pain, No Gain

Student in Old Car

Now let us talk about the reverse side of the medal. What obligations does the car impose on you? The very first thing is, of course, getting a driving license. The machine for the student will remain in his dreams if he/she does not get the driving permit.

Do not forget about the money on the machine itself. Gasoline only opens the list of all possible costs. Then, you will surely face with purchase of spare parts, tires, oil, gasoline pumps ...The endless list of constantly breaking spare parts. And remember, the older the car is, the more breakages will occur in it. In such a question, an inverse proportionality has been noticed a long time ago.

By the way, here is another reason to buy a car which is more or less new. Although it is more expensive, you can save even more on the spare parts and all the other car stuff.

Another disadvantage of buying a car for a student is that you must be able to cope with breakages at least at a basic level. Such as, for instance, as being able to replace the wheel, check the candles, etc. These are the most basic things every driver should be able to do! If you do not even know how to do this, then the car is contraindicated to you. All in all, it would be nice if you could, if anything happens, repair the car yourself.

However, do not forget that you are a student and you have no time to lie under the car in the evenings. You need to study. What is the way out of this situation? There are two possible solutions to the problem: Either you find someone of your relatives (father, grandfather) who can repair your car if something happens to it, or you pay a pretty penny to a car service for being assisted there by professionals. Again, pay. Where will you get so much money?

Conclusion: The car is very honorable for the student. You can make an impression on others, and this is what most people are trying to achieve, especially among the young. If you are looking for a soul mate, then having a car increases your chances. The main thing is that the machine should be well-groomed. It will be a reflection of your position in society. No more, no less!

However, remember that the car is not only a means of transportation and an indicator of your well-being but also a bottomless "devourer" of your money. If you want to buy a car, then weight up ten times all the pros and cons before purchasing a car.

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