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Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost: Writing Ideas


It is one of the most popular topics for discussion today. People’s thoughts were divided: some promote space exploration process; others argue that it is overvalued and money should be wasted on the more significant things. Almost everyone is interested in this theme and students aren`t the exception. In this article you can find ideas for and against cosmic exploration. Let`s start with positive features of space discovering.

Indirect Inventions

Humanity, besides gaining a significant knowledge, has made many useful devices while preparing to the cosmic expeditions. For example, solar power refrigerator, made by NASA for applying on the Moon, but now it has a great usage on the Earth. It is important invention mainly for poor countries; undoubtedly, it will improve life conditions there. What`s more, personal computer and Internet are also the results of preparing to the space exploration campaigns. Such beneficial material as plastic is used for today as profitable stuff in fabrication of toys, devices, packages and so on.


Without space exportation humanity won`t be able to put so many satellites into the Earth`s orbit. Consequently, there would be no Internet, long-range television, GPS and mobile connection. People who claim that cosmic exploration is useless often do not realize that they enjoy its outcomes every day. Almost all side inventions are practical and have economic benefits.


Without any doubts, natural reserves on the Earth soon will be exhausted. Of course, mankind is trying to prefer alternative energy sources, as sun power, for instance. However, the extraction of minerals, gas, uranium ore, coal etc., is still continuing. Some years later the only unexplored deposits of resources will be at the bottom of the ocean, where people aren`t able to mine it. That way it is vital to discover new planets in order to find resources similar to what we have on the Earth.

Humanity Saving

In case of worldwide catastrophe when everyone is in danger, people have no place to go. Nevertheless, if space explorers discovers planet similar to the Earth, mankind can be transferred there. In such case, we shouldn`t be afraid that a doomsday will come.

People on Moon

However, there several point why space exploration is not worth spending on it.

Earth Is Not Explored

Many people claim that before going into the outer space humanity should fully explore its own planet. There are many places and phenomena about which mankind doesn`t have enough information. So, attention should be focused on things we face on the Earth. It can give us useful knowledge, how to prevent natural cataclysms, for instance.

Issues on the Earth

The budget of the country has to be concentrated on today`s issues such as environmental pollution, wars, saving natural resources and finding the treatment for dangerous diseases. Humanity needs the cure for cancer very keenly nowadays. It could save lots of lives, but billions dollars are wasted on space exploring, which actually doesn`t have a significant meaning for the ordinary person.

Summing up, these ideas can be used while writing an argumentative essay. It is still hard to make a conclusion as the question is complicated. Maybe, space exploration will show its significance years later and it will be beyond controversy that it worth the money.

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