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Religion Causes War

Christian Church

It is a widespread opinion that religion usually becomes a reason for various conflicts between countries, cultures or small communities. Sometimes it even leads to the war. History knows a great number of examples when people started fighting because of faith; the result was thousands of them died or get injured, cities were destroyed or burned. Here are several statements if religion causes war or not, it may be helpful for writing an essay on this theme.


It is a great example how unfair religion and church itself may be. They judge people because of their beliefs, try to occupy their territory and kill them. Every crusade resulted in thousands of innocent victims and destroyed towns. Even children participated in this campaign and got serious injuries. All of these were caused because of different religious convictions. Those wars show how cruel and iniquitous church is, how it uses people’s trust for the profit.


It is the issue that modern world meets today. It has touched almost every country, and many nations suffer from it. Thousands of innocent people die every year because of cruel terrorist attacks in different parts of the planet. The terrible example is 11 September when Al-Qaeda destroyed the World Trade Center. Millions of dollars are spent on the fight against terrorism; however, it is not effective yet.

Proclamation of Peace

Almost all religions claim that peace and love are the major things in the human’s life. It is hard to argue with this statement. Nevertheless, at the same time, many confessions proclaim that everyone who has different beliefs should be turned to the “right” religion or killed. Instead of giving peace to mankind faith caused cruelty and breaks all moral laws. Take a look at the conflicts in the East, for instance. Almost all wars on these territories were caused by religious strife.

Muslim Mosque

Getting Profit

It is well-known fact that higher layers of confession authorities have a financial interest, and their goal is not praying for the salvation, helping poor people and so on. Religion today is considered to be a big business with a huge income. Confession superiority members buy luxurious items and amazing cars. In the past, their hunger for the gold and lands resulted in brutal wars where one’s life didn’t matter anything.

Human’s Nature

The main issue is not a religion, its laws or proclamations but the way how people use it. Mankind made faith the cause of dividing people and making them unequal. That happened because one always wanted more and more money, land, power and the cults became just an instrument to create an occasion and started a war.

All in all, these points are valuable enough to prove that religion causes wars and conflicts. There are several examples from the history as well, and it may be used as major arguments in discussion. However, some counterarguments exist, and you should be aware of it before starting a dispute on this theme.

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