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Qualities of a Good Friend: Essay Points

Bunch of Friends

It is not possible to describe an ideal friend, since every person has specific demands to a person to be close. However, there are a few features, which make people more open for friendship relationships. You can write a qualities of a good friend essay on this issue.

What Qualities Can Be Named the Qualities of a Good Friend?

Obviously, your essay on qualities of a perfect friend will be quite subjective, as there cannot be any objective opinion on features of personality. Nevertheless, if you do not know what features to write about, you can benefit from the following pieces of advice:

  • Loyalty and Support

    A perfect friend is always a loyal friend. He will always be with you whatever happens and you can feel that there is always someone by your side. He/she is the one, you can share your joys and sorrows with anytime of day and year. Also, your friend is the person to help you, support emotionally or in case you need this, give the necessary advice or just hug you when you feel bad.

  • Sense of Humor

    A person is considered to be a friendly and nice, when he/she has a good sense of humor. Well, we do not say about irony and sarcasm, what characterizes a person to be cynic. The thing is, that when people tell some stories that are connected with their friends, those stories are mostly funny. A friend is the person, who will laugh, when you fall down, but who will give you a helping hand right away.

  • Kindness

    It is also important for your friend to be a kind-hearted person. There is nothing good about careless and cruel people and one can hardly make friends with such personality. The only exception is for the people of the same kind and character.

  • Ability to Critique and Honesty

    Friends make us better and contribute to our improvement if they truly care about us. Thus, sometimes they are less nice than others, but they say things you need to hear. To fix mistakes you should be aware of them, and sometimes you need the side opinion to recognize them.

  • Respect and Understanding

    Any good relationships are based on mutual respect. This is also crucial for a strong long-term friendship. A person should respect and understand you as a personality, respect your interests and personal space. You may also share some interests and common views, or dispute on different opinions respectfully.

What Will Make Your Essay Better?

Improve My Essay Sign

Here are a few points to improve your text:

  1. 1. Stories

    If you can tell a few stories to illustrate your features, this will make your essay better. Furthermore, the tone of writing will most likely be appropriate for funny and vivid stories.

  2. 2. Pictures

    You can include your pictures with your friend, or some other pictures showing friends together. Such elements help your readers switch their perception way.

Help with Qualities of a Good Friend Essay

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