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Essay about Love: Extra-Ordinary Writing on a Common Topic

Love is a phenomenon, which everyone knows about, but still it remains unknown and unclear. That is why essay about love can always be interesting and include extra-ordinary thoughts. Here are some ideas for you to use for essay about love writing.


What and How Can Be Said about Love?

Love can be reviewed from various aspects. Indeed, every person has his own understanding of love and its significance for life. Therefore, you can briefly express your opinion about every approach or write a whole essay on a certain one.


  • Love and Biochemistry

Cynics tend to say, that love is nothing more than a result of chemical reactions within the human body. Thus, certain hormones are emitted, and we feel the way people feel when they are in love. Some modern research also classify love as a disease with the certain symptoms. It is possible either to write an explanatory essay on this approach, to write an opinion essay on what you think of it, or complete an argumentative essay supporting a certain side and attacking the other one.


  • Love and Literature

A lot of literary works deal with love issue. Some of plots are fully based on system of love stories, which are interconnected. You can either deal with a certain novel and analyze the love line there, or take a certain aspect of love and find the supporting information in different literary works. Thus, you can write an expository literary essay, and a critical lens essay in particular.  It will also be possible to find a topic for an argumentative essay, since there is always an opposition of thoughts about literary works.


  • Love and Sociology

Love also deals with sociology issues. Since the ancient times interracial relationships as well as relationships of different social classes representatives or between representatives of the same sex were dramatical. Thus, sociology of love reviews the attitude of society to love, its understanding of factors of love and the way sociological issues influence love relationships.


  • Psychology of Love

When a person falls in love, he/she is in a certain psychological state having some common features. Surely, the love behavior depends on some specific personal traits of every person. Mostly, we can say about thinking about the object of love most of the time, becoming kind of obsessed about him/her, a constant need to be around her/him and sad feelings when being far. A significant destructive processes appear when it comes to love, which is not shared and mutual. The need of experts in Psychology appear in order for no bad things to happen.


  • Philosophy of Love

What is the place of love in the person’s life? Does love play any role for happiness? What famous philosophers say about love since ancient times? All these questions will be good to be answered within a good essay about love. Do not forget to cite all the ideas of others to separate them from your own ones clearly.


Help with Essay about Love

Even though love is a simple topic, it is not that easy to find a good information to cover on this issue. If you need a high grade for your paper and you are interested in high quality writing, you are always welcome to benefit from assistance of Essayforme.Org.

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