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Persuasive Essay about Pollution: Convincing Others to Save Our Planet

Pollution is humans` doing harm to natural environment due to careless behavior. By polluting water, air, by littering etc. people make the earth less appropriate for a healthy living. Thus, it is important to persuade people to take some actions, and the ideas for them can be given in a persuasive essay about pollution.


Types of Pollution to Write About

There are a lot of pollution types. To create the full picture of how bad situation is, you should tell a few words about each of the types.

  • Air Pollution

The pollution of air makes it less appropriate for breathing and harmful for a human beings` organism. Furthermore, the industrial pollutants contribute to the greenhouse effect.

  • Water Pollution

Water pollution is throwing waste materials into lakes, rivers and sees. This spoils the water making it inappropriate for drinking, as well as it does a huge harm to the water flora and fauna.

  • Littering

Littering is throwing of the objects of anthropogenic origin into a public and private territories. Litter takes quite long to be recycled in a natural way.

  • Noise Contamination

This concerns the numerous sounds that machines produce. All the sounds (especially in big cities) in total produce a constant booming, which influences the human being`s psychological state.

  • Visual Contamination

Usually talking about a visual contamination we deal with the numerous advertising, which is everywhere around.

  • Soil Pollution

Trying to reach better results, farmers use chemicals to grown up most of goods. Those chemicals seep into the ground making it inappropriate for any other healthy plants.


How to Sound More Convincing?

As you need to write an effective persuasive essay about pollution, you should better use a few tricks to make it more certain.

          1. Use Numbers

Statistical data, the research findings etc. – all the numbers show that you are exact in what you talk about. Therefore, as you are not lying or adjusting the facts, your reader will see, that your side is worth to be taken.

          2. Use Graphical Illustrations

To show the harm and threats evidentially, you can also include some pictures to your persuasive essay. Those can be the true photos of polluted areas, or tables and schemes to explain the level of pollution better.

          3. Include Stories

A persuasive essay should involve reader`s emotions to influence better. You know, that story of millions are taken as statistics, but stories of the certain families or individuals are much more dramatic. Therefore, you can tell a short story about the family, which experienced some tough troubles as a result of pollution. Tell the situation in details and emotively, to bring tears into your reader`s eyes.

          4. Appeal to Your Reader

Create an impression of a friendly talk. Thus, include rhetoric questions and exclamations, appeals to reader, pretending that you communicate with him through the written text. This will make your reader active and interested as he feels involved to the discussion.


Where to Search for Information?

There are a lot of sources for up-to-date information.

1) Internet Sources

Just start the search engine for the information you need. However, make sure that the information is provided by a reliable source. For example, Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

2) Print Sources

The print sources are mostly reliable, but please do not forget to check the year of edition. The information regarding pollution changes from year to year.

3) An Expert

The best way is to talk with an expert. He will provide you with the sources as well as with ideas for writing. Our company can provide you with such an assistant with your persuasive essay about pollution.

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