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How to Write an Outline for an Essay: A Key to a Well-Written One!

Outline should be completed for an each essay before you actually start writing it. A proper outline is not the waste of time, but a great help for you in creating a well-structured logical essay. Therefore, to find out how to write an outline for an essay, check the following ideas!


A Perfect Outline: How to Get Prepared to It?

Remember, that before you proceed to the writing step, there should also be a pre-writing work carried out. You should go to library as well as check the online sources to find everything possible on your issue. Only after you have read the information needed and you feel that you understand your topic well and fully, you are ready to create an outline.


What Is Actually an Outline and What Is It For?

An outline is the brief content page of your essay organization. It helps you to organize your thoughts into a coherent whole planned. As far as your reader is concerned, it will be easier for him to find the information he needs if he gets its place having looked at outline.


Outline Structuring

As the outline represents the structure of the whole paper, it should be well-built in a logical way. Here are the main principles of outline structuring you should keep.

           1. Parallelism

The points of your outline need to have the same format. For example, if you use the full sentences for the point #1, you should also use the full sentence for the point #2. The same thing words with phrases. Also, if you start from the certain part of speech, you should better start the other points from the same parts of speech.

           2. Division

A good outline has the points and subpoints, showing the more general and less general issues. However, you should remember, that if you have started the division of the certain point, you should go on. This means that there cannot be A if there is no B.

           3. Co-Ordination

The points of the same level should have the same value in meaning. We mean that they should be the same general or the same narrow. For example:

       1. Economic Influence

A. The Closure of Factories

B. The Lowering of Salaries

       2. Social Influence

A. Growing Number of Homeless People

B. An Unemployment

          4. Subordination

There should be the clear hierarchy between the general point and the sub-point. The sub-point is always narrower and more specific.


Advice on Further Writing

After your outline has been completed, all you need is to explain each point with the separate paragraph. Never combine a few points of your outline into one paragraph, as this will be confusing for your reader. Be concise and clear, provide arguments for each point to make your essay convincing.


What If You Have no Idea What to Do?

Are you required to submit an outline for your paper, but you cannot understand how to write an outline for an essay?

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