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How to Write an Essay Introduction: Elements and Techniques

Introduction is the face of your essay, and reader creates his impression simply looking on its first lines. Therefore, it is important to know how to write an essay introduction, to make your reader interested in what your essay is about.


Introductions: Features It Should Have

There are a few features, which each introduction should have.

  • It Is Short

Well, not too short. If we compare the size of introduction with the size of all text, a perfect introduction never exceeds 10%.

  • It Is Catchy and Interesting

A properly written introduction catches the reader`s attention and creates a certain intrigue about what is going to be the next. Therefore, it should include some fresh and interesting information about a modern issue.

  • It Contains the Relevant Information

Your introduction should still deal with your topic. There should be some background information included, a brief literary review (speaking about other scientists, who dealt with this issue) etc. You should set the tone of your further writing and make your reader prepared to the information in the body part.


Elements of Introduction

There are two common elements needed for a good introduction.

          1. A Hook for an Essay

A hook is a combination of the first sentences used to attract the reader`s attention. There are a lot of techniques for the hook writing. Generally, there can be determined the following types of hooks:

  • Statistical Hook. This is using numbers (extremely large, small or simply shocking) to hook a reader.
  • Proverb as a Hook. It is also possible to start an essay with the proverb or saying. This will make your reader think over the issue and take a certain side. If he has a certain side that means that he will be an active reader.
  • Story as a Hook. For an easy writing, and setting an informal tone, you can start an essay with a short little story. Do not make it too long and detailed. It is enough just to select some situation in your life, which is somehow connected with the topic.
  • Hook as a rhetoric question. When you are questioned, you are ready to give an answer. Therefore, if you start with the rhetoric question, the reader will have his own point of view on your topic…

           2. A Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a last sentence of your introduction. It links the introductory paragraph to the body of your essay. Also, it has a certain structure:

  • Topic (the maximally narrow formulation. It usually takes a word or phrase)
  • Your Attitude to the Topic (Your evaluation of the topic word/phrase. Usually it is an adjective or a few adjectives).
  • Arguments in Brief (Here you should mention your main arguments on why you evaluate the topic in this way. Mention the main three, so the reader will know what the essay is about).


Ways to Learn More How to Write an Essay Introduction

To improve your introduction writing skill, you can benefit from:

       1. Online Tips

There are a lot of online tips available for people, who want to learn more about an essay writing. However, most of them are general, and won`t make your essay extra-ordinary.

       2. Help from Professional Writers

This is the better way for you if you need to get assisted personally and for your specific assignment. Simply place an order with our website, and you will communicate with professional writer to ask whatever you need to know.

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