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Study Cannot Be Relaxed: How to Return to Working Mode After Vacation

Sea and Laptop

Boisterous holidays have passed, salutes have died down, garlands have gone out, and the suitcases stand unpacked. There are only gifts and funny photos in memory of the past days, and … your duty to study hard.


The first thing to do after the holidays, at the beginning of the next semester, is to visit the schedule. Carefully rewrite it in a notebook or diary. Provide your notes with notations, such as the exact name of the subjects and the professors’ names and surnames. An especially relevant piece of advice is in the event if you have a new subject from this semester.


It is easier to learn well if you have good reasons for this. For some, it is important not to be expelled, the others do not want to waste time on the resubmission, the third were promised to get a trip to the sea because of a good mark, etc. The grounds are different, try to identify those that are right for you.

Do "anti-autotraining:" imagine what awaits you if you do not pass exams (sending down, problems with work, sidelong glances of groupmates, inability to spend time with your loved one). You can dramatize a little, but you do not need to go too far, in this way especially impressionable people can fall into depression. You, on the contrary, need a burst of energy, a healthy excitement, and confidence that you are able to fulfill your plans.

If the "stick" approach is clearly not suitable for you, use the carrot, in other words, come up with an incentive. Did not miss a single lecture this week – went to the cinema; Scored a grade in Math – allowed yourself a party with friends in the club. One of the first in the group who submitted the essay – pleased yourself with a new outfit.


If in the past semester you did not impress teachers with a good memory, then you need to change the way you absorb the knowledge. Preparing for seminars and labs will be easier if the theory firmly settles in your head. So, one needs to read the textbook several times, introduce it in the written form or tables and summaries. Others are better at perceiving information by ear. A simple example: the visual learners need to highlight the main thoughts in the notebook with color, compose algorithms, use multi-colored stickers and hang them around the room at eye level.

Runner at the Finish


Use the ideas of time management: the method of time management sometimes works wonders. The main task is to plan and prioritize cases on a daily basis and by hours. For example, you need to make the photocopies of the lectures of a groupmate, then it is better to do this in the morning when there are less visitors, the copier is working, the paper is not over yet, etc. However, time management also helps globally, allowing to fill the day out with work, avoiding unnecessary waste of time on social networks, computer games, etc.

Use free time effectively. You can, for example, jog in the park or do cleaning in the room while listening to lectures. The recording is easy to do right during classes, putting a voice recorder on the teacher's table, but it is usually more useful to compose the audio recordings independently, choosing and dictating all the most important things, discarding unnecessary ones.

Strength of Will

Sometimes it happens that starting to read textbooks seems impossible. There is nothing to help you: either by a dispute with friends, nor by parents' gifts, nor by a personal desire to graduate successfully from a college and find a prestigious, interesting, and highly paid job. In such cases, there is only one thing: bite the bullet and begin to learn. Just because it is necessary!

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