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How to Quote in an Essay: Do It Correctly

Quote on Paper

Two things to pay attention to in an essay are: the fullness of the text and the authenticity of the inferences. These qualities can be achieved by using quotes, which are to be appropriately included in the text.

How to Make Up the Paper’s Content

When you use quotations, you must follow the next several conditions:

  1. After your quoting, you must denote its origin and writer.
  2. The citation must be included only with polemic or research purposes (This is why copyright infringement is recognized using pieces of work in advertising).
  3. The quotation's origin must be a legally published work.
  4. The quantity of citations should be substantiated by the intention of quoting. Its extent is difficult to determine, because it's addressed to the specific circumstances and demands.
  5. A work's fragment has to be in the original version or in translation, but not as another arbitrary processing. This condition means that we don’t recognize fragments of photographs, drawings coated with any additional elements as quote.

How to Make Its Figuration

Quotes in the text are literally excerpts from bookish works, critical essays, statements of writers or any other origins. They are used to reinforce and confirm their thoughts. When you are quoting, you need to comply with the succeeding requirements:

  1. Reducible quotes must match the content of the provisions being acknowledged as well as the entire composition.
  2. Don't overload the composition with quotes; use them appropriately and purposefully. The citations should be accompanied by the necessary generalizations, conclusions, arguments.

Additional Rules

Any quotation, which is included in the text, has to meet the certain set of demands, which is defined by a certain paper format/citation style guide.

When citing works about which an essay is written, you shouldn't specify the name of the work and its originator.  If the quote is from a critical clause or any other origin, it is required to write down the name of the author who owns the quoted words. To specify the source of the cited works in a simple sentence benefit from the commonly used introductory words, phrases or sentences.

In conclusion, we can mark, that the use in texts inverted commas is just a tribute to tradition, but it's better to never forget formatting each citation with quotation marks.

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