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Problem of Drinking and Driving Essay

Police on Road

Despite the danger of drunk driving is evident, there is still a great number of car accidents because of it. There are many reasons for such cases starting from overconfidence and finishing with simple stupidity. It may sound strange as among the whole world campaign is held which fights against drinking and driving.  After all, thousands of young people die on the road every year. Here are some points related to this issue which may help you to write an argumentative essay.


It is well-known fact that alcohol slows human’s reactions that increase the chance of car accidents. In most events, driver finds his condition normal. If he continues to drive the car being drunk, a crash takes place, and lots of innocent people suffer. For an inebriate one, it is a common thing to miss a person or animal which crosses the road. Remember that driving demands attention fully and alcohol scatters it.


Another point is that alcohol really slows your reactions. One if being drunk cannot turn the wheel in case another car runs on him, or when people suddenly start crossing the road. That leads to somebody’s death or injuries and legal punishment for the car driver.

Numb Senses

Cognitive ability of drunken people is lower; they cannot notice items being far. The image may be blurred at all, and one drives blindfold. That surely causes car accidents. Moreover, audio skills also become worse, the person cannot hear somebody scream or automobile beeps. As a result, they are not able to prevent wrecks.


It is considered to be a great problem as while being drunk, one becomes careless and unthinking. He may find his driving right and deliberate, however, it is still an alcohol illusion. Inebriety makes a person confident in his or her skills, induces to outstrip other cars and ride too fast. It is good if the police are near and stop the lawbreaker.

Car Accident


It is still a discussion: what kind of punishment drunk drivers should have? On one side, people say it can be a common mistake and should be excused for the first time. Others claim that it is dangerous for society, and penalty has to be hard, starting from crazy fines and finishing with imprisonment for a long term.


The problem is how to prevent car crashes because of drunk driving. The best thing government can do is to increase fines and put more police in cities to catch the law breakers. In addition, advertising campaign about the danger of drunken drivers should be held. There may be billboards, video clips, famous people’s speeches, and so on. Citizens have to be aware of the harmfulness of this phenomenon and penalty for such offends.

All in all, no one can argue that driving drunk is a major problem in many cities, it takes away thousands of lives every year, and nobody can feel protected from it. People have to understand the responsibility of car driving, that not only the driver and passengers may suffer but innocent pedestrians as well.

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